Embroidered Lace

Embroidery lace is displayed in the form of web flowers, waves, flowers, single wave flowers, double wave flowers on textiles or clothing. Wave-edge design needs to be designed into the form of triangular needles, which is more conducive to cutting edges. In the process of production, the scarring is due to the yarn defects; Poor lock needle; This situation caused by the stopping of the yarn machine after the change, so in the production process to pay more attention to.


Because the product that embroider lacy place shows to come out has distinctive stereo feeling, can apply on wedding dress more, joined the wedding dress of embroider lacy, can produce the feeling that gives layer upon layer to surround. Embroidery lace can be changed as the designer changes, there is no uniform pattern. Can embroider the design that oneself likes on gauze, and do not suffer gauze thickness place to restrict, the lace that place embroiders comes out is easy also clean. And this kind of lace gives a person a kind of frivolous feeling, the dress of summer brings a kind of cool and refreshing feeling.

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