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With straightforward-to-use controls, workflows and software program, this Roland model is ideal for printing on branded attire, interior décor, promotional objects and more. The Stitch S500 is a faster version than the S300, with eight printheads. HP’s dye sublimation inks produce predictable colour levels and operators even have the option of downloading and creating shade profile for the closest visual shade matches.

DescriptionHPHPRolandMimakiModelStitch S300Stitch S500Texart RT-640TX300P-1800MKIIMSRPManufacturer Suggested Retail Price$14,995$27,995$sixteen,995$27,995Estimated Street PriceActual retail worth.Max. Roll WeightMaximum acceptable weight for the roll in pounds.92.6 lbs.121 lbs.88 lbs.88 lbs.Max.

Below are a number of of the top hybrid printer models obtainable. Take a have a look at three of the top direct-to-fabric printing machines in the marketplace today.

Below is a comparability chart of these hybrid printer models. Brand new from Mimaki is the revolutionary TX300P-1800 MKII, which is a hybrid model of their TX300P-1800 mannequin. This strong, hybrid printer characteristic twin-media and twin-ink capabilities, increasing the potential range of purposes for various types of businesses. The bulk ink systems additionally reduces ink costs and makes unattended print jobs attainable. Roland’s Texart RT-640 was engineered for productivity and value.

For a quick comparison, here’s a breakdown of the most important features of each dye sublimation printer. Nonwoven textiles are manufactured by the bonding of fibres to make fabric. Bonding could also be thermal or mechanical, or adhesives can be utilized. Lace is made by interlocking threads collectively independently, utilizing a backing and any of the strategies described above, to create a fantastic cloth with open holes in the work.

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