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Wales of purl stitches tend to recede, whereas these of knit stitches tend to return ahead, giving the fabric extra stretchability. Thus, the purl wales in ribbing are usually invisible, because the neighboring knit wales come ahead. Conversely, rows of purl stitches are likely to type an embossed ridge relative to a row of knit stitches.

This is the idea of shadow knitting, during which the looks of a knitted material adjustments when considered from totally different instructions. Weft-knit fabrics may be knit with multiple yarns, often to produce attention-grabbing color patterns. The two commonest approaches are intarsia and stranded colorwork.

In the extra complicated stranded approach, two or extra yarns alternate repeatedly within one row and all of the yarns should be carried along the row, as seen in Fair Isle sweaters. However, the two fabrics are usually integrated into one, giving it nice heat and glorious drape. Structure of stockinette sew, a standard weave in knitted cloth.

The meandering red path defines one course, the path of the yarn by way of the material. The uppermost white loops are unsecured and 'lively', but they safe the purple loops suspended from them.

Typically, a brand new stitch is passed by way of a single unsecured ('lively') loop, thus lengthening that wale by one stitch. However, this needn't be so; the brand new loop could also be handed via an already secured stitch lower down on the material, or even between secured stitches . The new loop may also be handed between two stitches within the 'current' row, thus clustering the intervening stitches; this approach is commonly used to produce a smocking impact within the fabric. The new loop may be handed via 'two or more' previous stitches, producing a decrease and merging wales collectively. The merged stitches needn't be from the same row; for example, a tuck could be fashioned by knitting stitches collectively from two different rows, producing a raised horizontal welt on the material.

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