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You can work it on muslin or any fabric, actually, as long as it is a shut enough weave to support the stitches. I sewed some rework on Muslim and after applying fusible webbing to the back of and ironing it I discover it distorted and then after I cut it it’s just plain lopsided.

Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen in Northern Ireland supply lovely ecclesiastical and other linens, in white and undyed finishes. Speaking about DMC linen, it is not the one I would really like very much. But I made some cross stitching on it and I can say that some patterns look very good . Other forms of even-weave linen, from Zweigart to Graziano to Lakeside Linens can be purchased by way of various needlework outlets on-line. Lakeside linens are literally different types of linen (like Legacy, Zweigart, Graziano, etc.) that are hand-dyed – I mentioned them above under Legacy linen.

We can say that flax has been woven into material, then, throughout just about all the identified ages of the written history of Western Civilization. Linen is my all-time absolute Favorite Fabric for hand embroidery, and there are lots of good online sources for purchasing high quality linen. At the request of some readers, right here’s some information about buying linen for hand embroidery.

Would linen be a better choice for redwork – hand stitched because it'll hold it’s form higher? I am flustered and have ruined about 5 hours of hand work. Can you counsel a brand that is easily sewed into and holds it’s shape? I could not agree with you extra – linen is beautiful to use, much better than cotton. It's good to see so many places promoting quality linens quite than the stuff often out there in craft shops that I would name scrim – good for laundry windows but I wouldn't use it for embroidery!

It’s out there in two even-weave thread counts, approximately 32 threads per inch and 50 threads per inch. It’s a pleasant linen, and I intend to make use of it in the future for different projects in addition to Schwalm. It’s a fabric produced from the inside pores and skin of the flax plant.

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