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In traditional Shetland knitting a special belt is often used to support the end of one needle allowing the knitting higher speed. Finally, there are sundry baggage and containers for holding knitting, yarns and needles.

Other instruments corresponding to knitting spools or pom-pom makers are used to organize specific ornaments. A second potential difficulty is that the knitted piece will slide off the tapered end of the needles when unattended; this is prevented by 'point protectors' that cap the tapered ends. Another problem is that too much knitting may result in hand and wrist troubles; for this, special stress-relieving gloves can be found.

Other instruments are used to prepare yarn for knitting, to measure and design knitted clothes, or to make knitting simpler or more comfy. Different factors may be more vital than others for different knitting projects, so there isn't any one 'greatest' yarn. The resilience and propensity to twist are common properties that have an effect on the convenience of hand-knitting. A key factor in knitting is stitch definition, comparable to how well difficult sew patterns could be seen when created from a given yarn. Smooth, highly spun yarns are finest for exhibiting off sew patterns; at the different extreme, very fuzzy yarns or eyelash yarns have poor sew definition, and any difficult stitch sample can be invisible.

It was the event of the knitting machine that launched hooked needles and enabled faultless, automated knitting. The hook catches the loop of yarn as each sew is knitted, that means that wrists and fingers do not have to work so onerous and there may be less probability of stitches slipping off the needle. Turn the left (non-working) hook to face away at all times; turn the proper hook toward you up while knitting and away while purling. Various instruments have been developed to make hand-knitting easier. Tools for measuring needle diameter and yarn properties have been discussed above, in addition to the yarn swift, ballwinder and 'yarntainers'.

Crochet hooks and a darning needle are often useful in binding/removing or in joining two knitted pieces edge-to-edge. The crochet hook is also important for repairing dropped stitches and some specialty stitches corresponding to tufting.

When in use, the cable needle is used simultaneously two common needles. In very simple instances, knitting can be accomplished without instruments, using only the fingers to do these tasks; nevertheless, knitting is usually carried out utilizing tools corresponding to knitting needles, knitting machines or inflexible frames. Depending on their dimension and form, the inflexible frames are known as stocking frames, knitting boards, knitting rings or knitting spools . There can be a way called knooking of knitting with a crochet hook that has a cord hooked up to the top, to hold the stitches while they're being labored.

Cable needles are a special case of DPNs, although they are normally not straight, but dimpled in the middle. When cabling a knitted piece, a hook is simpler to grab and maintain the yarn. Cable needles are typically very short , and are used to hold stitches briefly while others are being knitted.

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